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Ted Papanickolas Insurance Services 


We have access to the highest rated Health Insurance
companies in the United States, to fulfill your needs.
​Please feel free to call us for more information.


INDEMNITY PLAN With an indemnity plan you can use
​ any medical provider . Usually, you have a deductible.Once you meet the deductible, most indemnity plans pay a percentage of what they consider the “Usual and Customary” charge for covered services. The insurer generally pays 80%.

PPO is a form of managed care closest to an indemnity plan. A PPO has arrangements with doctors, hospitals, and other providers of care who have agreed to accept lower fees from the insurer for their services.

HMOs are the oldest form of managed care plan. HMOs offer members a range of health benefits, including preventive care, for a set monthly fee.

POS plan- The primary care doctors in a POS plan usually make referrals to other providers in the plan. But in a POS plan, members can refer themselves outside the plan and still get coverage.We also offer group health insurance.No mater how big or small your company and regardless of how many employees you have.

Covered California / Affordable Healthcare Act  (ACA) Designed to give access to those who are looking to purchase Healthcare Insurance.  Depending on income level and family size may receive a subsidy from the government to purchase a plan on the Healthcare exchange or be eligible for MediCal. Health insurance exchange.  Health insurance in Visalia

Health Insuracne in Visalia

Ted Papanickolas Insurance Services California Health Insurance

Health Insurance exchange.